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What Made the Happy House Happy?

You left such positive comments about my recent post regarding our second home, I felt I needed to let you in on a little secret.

You know how I told you my husband fell in love with a sandy lot?

It’s true. The lot was nothing but sand when he first saw it.

But he also saw this:


Now you see why we call it “The Happy House”!

Talk about *erecting* a house.

What other construction related double-entendres can you think of?

Wow, I’m really *opening myself up* for this one.

If it helps, imagine you are building a home in Florida.

Speaking of which, I wonder if it is *warm and wet down there*.

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NOTE: This was my 469th post. You can’t make this stuff up.


39 thoughts on “What Made the Happy House Happy?

  1. They really stuck it in there good. 😉

    1. And you really have some big wood there on your grassy area.

    2. They did. It was in there nice and tight. 😉

  2. Make sure your plumber has plenty of nipples.

    1. I met Miquel. He asked me if I needed my drain snaked.

  3. Now Renee – you wont get any naughty puns from me. You and I both know happiness in a home does not come from a lot or a sign. It comes from a husband and wife working together in a true partnership, always giving the other their very best. 😉

    1. And always giving each other their best. Yes, please. 😉

  4. I can only imagine your yard will be kept meticulously manicured and looking gorgeous. Trimmed, *very* nicely.

    If you need a landscaper, I know a guy …

    1. I take care of all the landscaping myself. But I have a great guy who does a lot of other things to help me out. He’s really good. #IYKWIM

      1. Awesome. Don’t forget your blog friends when you guys start throwing block parties and such!

        1. You must be thinking of our neighbors. We don’t throw blocks. 😉

          1. Once, when I was dumb and young, I asked why you couldn’t do a 96 instead of a 69. Then, a girl drew me the picture of a 9 and a 6, and a 6 and a 9, and the lightbulb went off.

          2. Speaking of lightbulbs, I think I need a lesson on how to screw a little better. Do you twist to the left? Or the right?

          3. you have to go a little to the left, then a little to the right, you know, in a circular motion, but right when you begin to feel the heat, you pull back again, and start over, only this time, you go a little farther, a little harder, until …

          4. Is that how you do it? I think most guys just kind of ram it in. IYKWIM. 😉

          5. *sigh* yes, I know what you mean. Yes, that’s how I do it … maybe I should write a pamphlet for the rest of the fellas. It’s how you make the bulb shine way, WAY brighter.

      2. I can’t get the word bush out of my head now. Oh my gosh Renee, see what you do to me? It’s not right.

        Left! Left – I said a little to the left!

        1. You should see how lush my bush is now! 😉

          1. LMAO! You’re gonna beat me at this every time! I’m a naughty talk lightweight 🙂

          2. Honey, I could go all night. 😉

  5. that tree sure has a stiff trunk….

    1. It is definitely firm. I can’t wait to watch it grow.

  6. Renee, You are so naughty—I think it would be fun to drink a bottle of wine with you (no driving, of course). My mind’s a blank right now. Have fun with this!

    1. Erm: I always say, I’m like Canada Dry Ginger Ale: not too sweet. I can be a little naughty, too. Especially when it involves wordplay. 😉

  7. Oh! Oh! Oh!
    (that’s all I’ve got…)

    1. I know we are REALLY excited, too. #IYKWIM.

  8. Renee you are so naughty. 🙂

    1. I have no idea what you are talking about. Isn’t that a yin-yang symbol? 😉

  9. […] also like to send out a huge thank-you to Renée Schuls-Jacobson, who sent me a note late last night and single-handedly turned my Amazon blurb into a much better […]

  10. Hee! Oh Renee, I needed this laugh! 🙂

    1. Oh baby, I know what you need. 😉

  11. Snort! You could’ve totally linked this up with us. If you weren’t too busy laying each other. Er…the foundation.

    1. Greta! Can you even believe I missed hooking up with you. I must have been playing with a long pipe. Or something. 😉

  12. This thread is doing funny things to my belly….it feels a little like laughter, but different….weird….

    1. Um, Liz. That isn’t your belly. 😉

  13. And you said my posts were naughty?!?! 🙂

    1. I can’t believe you just double interrobanged me.

  14. I was going to say it’s too hard for me to comment on this post without saying something extremely dirty, but then I realized it was already too late.

  15. Oy! I’m blushing!!!

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