What Makes You Purr?

I just saw this video, and I had to share it.

Along with a few other things that make me purr.

I love that my husband surprised me for our recent 16th wedding anniversary. We had no real plans, but we ended up at a favorite restaurant for dinner. The meal was divine. Sublime. We felt like we had been transported back to our days in New Orleans when the food was perfect and we were young and our love was new. The next morning, we sped off to Mirbeau Inn & Spa for a little day trip and enjoyed a fabulous couples-massage. (Thank you Ken & Rachel!) Can you say “purr”?

I love that my son will be coming home from overnight camp on Sunday. I am sure he has had a great time, but I am ready for him to come back now, please. In the past he has hinted that he would like to stay all summer, but I’m thinking 3 weeks in long enough. When I see him, I will smell his stinky hair and purr.

As far as music goes, I just got Keb’ Mos song “My Baby’s Telling Lies” as a free download from iTunes. I have listened to it a hundred times. Go and get it. Fo’ Free.

And as far as blogs go, I have been loving Tamara Lunardo’s entire series on “30 days of Vegetarianism.” That girl loves her some bacon, but she is going strong. Even when she had to take a pass on the Caesar salad. (It had anchovies in it!) Check out her blog here. She has it all: from G-d to Tattoos.

It’s been gloriously sunny, and since I’m an exothermic heat-seeking lizard-girl, I’m heading out to sit and spend the day with my friend at her pool. Unless it rains, in which case we will go see the movie The Help, which I understand is very good.

What’s got you going this Purrsday?

39 thoughts on “What Makes You Purr?

  1. It is a beautiful sunny day here. I will be taking my dog for a 2 mile walk, then heading to the pool. I will be hanging with my hubby and son today. Just purrrfect 🙂

  2. I’m not purrin’ so far…we’ve got fleas and today is the day to set the flea bombs off. Where will my cat go (who embraced the fleas that I believe came from one of two dogs we kindly doggie-sat a while back) during the bombing? Probably in the basement.

    Maybe hubby and I can take daughter and boyfriend someplace fun–maybe on the boat? –while the battle rages. It is a beautiful day–could be worse, I suppose…will try to purr instead of growl.Hope you all have a purrfect Thursday.

  3. At the moment: I’m “purring” because I’m not working today. I took the day off to hang out, just me and the dog.

    I’m also purring because my wife and kids are having an awesome time in the Adirondacks. I’m sort of mad that I’m not there with them, but it is what it is.

  4. I am having a “purfect Purrrrsday” so far! I got a great night sleep. (My husband used a breathe-right strip, thank the Lord!) and I got to see my daughter in her new apartment. I brought her a Starbuck’s coffee and drove her to CU’s dance team practice. Now I am off to a hair appointment. Nothing more purrrrfect than a scalp massage!
    I will promote your blog and tweet it~

    1. Brown Road: I read your piece, how you got the enormous Olga. Well, I got the guy and hubby got the girl. I like a deeper tissue massage, if you know what I mean. Like, I want someone to get in there and dig around. (That sounds naughty.) Anyway, Hubby likes something lighter. He got the girl. We both got what we needed. I think I’ll stop now. 😉

      Sorry about the meetings, Cowboy.

  5. Our anniversary is Saturday and we are also going to Mirbeau for pampering and dinner… Great minds think alike!

    I’m purring ’cause I am sitting at my pool soaking in the sun reading while my kiddies are splashing around with several friends. I am patiently waiting for my hubby to finish his day and join me! Great day in CNY!

  6. Love the post! 🙂 I’m glad you’ve things that make you purr and – happy 16th anniversary for when it was.
    Things that make me purr: warm sunshine, watching wild birds, my husband.. not necessarily in that order!

  7. I’m sitting here at work doing the same thing I do on any other business day of the week or month or year, whether sunny or cloudy, hot or cold. If I had to pick one activity, though, I’d say reading books makes me purr. I don’t think I’ve heard the word “exothermic” since sophomore year of high school. It’s one of those words I forgot that I knew.

    1. That is the worst answer ever, MarKap. There is nothing purrrrfect about work. Unless you are working on beach or something. I’m with you on the books front. Remember when people read real books? 😉 I do.

      Exothermic is a totally under-utilized word. I’m bringing it out of the 10th grade and into the mainstream.

      Or not. 😉

  8. Purrsday? Clever! I wouldn’t expect anything less.

    What makes me purr? Slipping into bed after a long day. Cuddling (and more) with the man who was always meant to be with me (and finally is). That first bite of super-sweet watermelon on a hot afternoon.

  9. I’m purring about some fantastic sushi I had in my neighbourhood. Love it. And the fact that I get to send some invoices this afternoon. I hate the administrative stuff, but love the fact I’m getting paid for (some of) my writing!

    Meow, eh?

    1. You are getting paid for your writing now? Dang girl. *two snaps* Why you always gotta be ahead of me at everything *stomps foot.*

      No. No. Today is Purrsday. One day, I, too, will be discovered. And then I can complain about invoices. 😉

  10. At the moment, painting my office is making me purr. I know it sounds strange, but I am very excited about a refurbished work space, and the colors are gorgeous. I love watching the new office ’emerge’. I also like interrupting my more mental work (writing, course planning) with some manual labor.

    I take possibly way too much pleasure at organizing and rearranging rooms 🙂

  11. Fighting a headache, so not any purring for me. But I’m more of a dog person, so I guess you could say I’m growling ’bout now.
    By the way – love your writing style; I have been following the last few days. You seem to be very exuberant. That’s refreshing.

    1. #4: So glad that you followed me here! I hope you are making some connections. Just by the by, something isn’t hooked up right. I should be able to get to your blog when I click on your “#4” but it takes me to your gravitar. You might want to check that — cuz, I’m not sure I can find you again. Remind me the name of your blog again. Was it The Fourth Brother?

      Sorry about the headache. Hope it’s gone by now. 😉

  12. That’s easy! Talking with you. 🙂 Is it 9/2 already?

    Mention of smelling your son’s hair makes me wish it were 5pm already. I love the smell of Li’l D’s hair billions of times more (it’s measurable! it really is!) than my next-favorite smell.

    1. Deb! It was great to actually take our blogging relationship to the next level. The getting cut off wasn’t so hot, but it was a sign from the cosmos that we needed to get moving. I think I could talk to you for hours!

      Did you see that I said my son’s hair was going to be stinky? I am pretty sure that he will not have really used shampoo in 3 weeks.

      That will be fixed. Immediately. 😉

  13. Oooooh, a couples-massage! It’s one of the things on my “things I want to do before I die” list.

  14. Well, you know we are celebrating our 25th this next week, and we are redoing our vows this weekend (a few days early because my wife’s mom is down visiting, and we wanted to do it while she’s here).

    So yes, this is making both of us pur.


      1. I’m afraid that when we redo our vows the poor little dear will not be able to attend. Four footed family members aren’t allowed to attend certain things. I think that this is prejudice, and have said so many times. A lot of people think that I am crazy.

        I am quite willing to admit to being crazy, however I still think it’s prejudice.

  15. I didn’t think I would be doing any purring yesterday, because I went with my hubby to a doctor’s visit (torn rotator cuff). BUT, I ran into an old friend who is now a nurse at our doc’s office!! I hadn’t seen her for years and it was so nice to see that her life is going well!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary! Congrats! 🙂

  16. Oh man…I missed this yesterday. And now it’s Friday.

    Can I call it Pieday? Boysenberry pie would make me purr.

    Or visiting Egypt. And stuff.

    (Hilarious video. And also welcome home to Camp Boy. Hooray!)

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