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What the Deuce is GRIEVENSTALL?

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Today we continue with Made-It-Up Mondays where I throw out a 100% made-up word and ask you to:

  • define the word
  • provide its part of speech, and
  • use the word in a sentence that indicates how the word could be used.

Why? Because it’s fun. And because someone gave me the book

For example:

The Yupga word “Mamihlapinatapi” from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego refers to a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will offer something that they both desire but are unwilling to do.

When I can’t find the right word on the word-shelf to fit my mood or predicament, I just make one up.

The last time we did this the word was “fongutter” and I am sad to say, no one was even close. FON was really pronounced PHONE, and this word harks back to the days when Tech Support was still a wee thing who liked to take apart old phones to see how they worked. Now he enjoys taking bigger stuff, so I have to tell him to stop being a “fongutter” and put my shizzle back together.

No worries. We shall plough ahead.

The first person to use the word even remotely close to the way I do shall receive linky-love. And by that, I mean I will announce your identity in the next Made-It-Up Monday post next month and link up to your blog, so folks can head over and check out your stuff.

If you are not a blogger, don’t worry. If you guess the meaning, I will highlight your name in bold and let everyone know how smart you are. If you are looking for a new job, you can put “uncanny ability to define 100% bogus words” on your resumé and direct prospective employers here. I will totally back you up.

Continuing alphabetically, this month’s word is:


What the heck is that? Define it. And give me a sentence in which you show me how you would use it.

You know, if it were a real word. 😉

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18 thoughts on “What the Deuce is GRIEVENSTALL?

  1. To avoid doing jobs, chores, exercise classes, etc. in order to talk incessantly about and look obsessively at pictures of your dearly departed labrador retriever.

    “I grievenstalled all day yesterday while on the phone in front of my computer.”

  2. Noun. It’s when delayed gratification meets negative behavior. E.g. I entered a state of grievenstall when I discovered my twins had used rocks to carve their names into the side of my minivan. I was angry, but would deal with it after their soccer games.

  3. The act of snagging the back of a skier or snowboarder’s jacket as they try to slip past one waiting in a long lift line.

    Used in a sentence: I took matters in my own hands quite literally when I “grievenstalled” the jerk and threw him back in line.

  4. Verb: to physically “freeze” when something terrible happens that cannot be reversed. ” When my double Cold Stone Creamery cone fell face down, I grievenstalled in horror. Would they replace it due to loose scooping at the counter?”

  5. Grievenstall? (noun) It’s a small dark place (such as the outhouse or an old-style walk-in wardrobe) to visit when thoroughly vexed, in order to rage, storm, and finally calm down, away from the source of the vexation.
    ‘When I tripped and sent my beautifully decorated birthday cake for my gran flying (upside down) all the way down the stairs, I had to spend the rest of the morning in the grievenstall before I could stop crying and face the world again’

  6. First, I must admit I love the fact that you have so many made-up words around your household that you can alphabetize them.

    However, the made-up words used by pseudo-celebrities on certain reality TV shows (I’m looking at you Snooki) really grievenstall me.

    In other words, they put great sadness in my heart. And my badonkadonk.

    For reals.

  7. Grievenstall (noun) – where you go relieve yourself after a particularly gluttonous experience for which you are experiencing intense remorse.

    Example: “OMG. I should have known deep-fried cheesecake was a bad idea after that Big Mac. I need the grievenstall STAT.”

  8. Grievenstall (verb). To stall before complaining about something (as in a grievance). El grievenstalled before she picked up the phone to ask her husband why he forgot to toss his underwear in the hamper before he caught the train into the city.

  9. verb – to express grief in increments to prolong agony of loss. “Madeline grievenstalled for 6 months.” noun – the act of prolonging misery. Usually a form of expressionof emotions to justify remaining miserable over each and every misfortune. Pointinstal means pointing the finger and attributing misfortune to others an entire lifetime never facing our own responsibility or participation for designing unfortunate events.

  10. Grievenstall – temporarily halting your emotional conversation mid-sentence because you know that if you keep talking, you’ll burst into tears. Particularly prevalent in press conferences featuring professional athletes who are announcing their retirement or their regret about not admitting that they were using steroids all along.

  11. Grievenstall (noun): place where one can file a complaint such as a customer service desk.

    When I was treated rudely by a sales person I went to the grievenstall to report the poor behavior.

  12. I am sorry to make the others feel badly but everyone knows that the place to purchase their Grievenstall is at Ikea. Generally I encourage people to use it alongside of the Farvenugen and Skootsit.

    Although I do remember this one time when I was in Sweden. My 5th wife and I were on our honeymoon when we came across this amazing restaurant.

    The grievenstall there was among the most comfortable I had ever sat upon and it made the meal far more enjoyable.

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