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What the Deuce Does JINGLEKEET Mean?

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It’s Made-It-Up Monday! The last Monday of each month I throw out a 100% made-up word and ask you to:

  • define it
  • provide its part of speech, and
  • use the word in a sentence that indicates how the word could be used.

Because it’s fun.

And because someone gave me the book The Meaning of Tingo and Other Extraordinary Words From Around the World by Adam Jacot de Boinod.

You know how sometimes someone taps you on the opposite shoulder from behind to fool you? The Indonesians call that “mencolek.”

I’ll bet that word comes with an eyeroll.

Imagine two Indonesian kids walking down the beach. One kid attempts to poke his buddy, and the other kid says: “Wow, dude. Good one. You almost got me with that mencolek.” *eyeroll*

For me, it’s reassuring to know that other cultures have language for the actions and concepts for which we haven’t necessarily got the right words.

If I can’t find the right word on the word-shelf to fit my mood or predicament, I just make one up.

The first blogger to use my made-up word even remotely close to the way I do shall receive linky-love. And by that, I mean I will announce your identity and link to your blog during next month’s Made-It-Up-Monday, so folks can head over and check out your stuff.

If you are not a blogger, don’t worry. If you guess the meaning, I will highlight your name in bold and let everyone know how smart you are. If you are looking for a new job, you can put “uncanny ability to define 100% bogus words” on your resumé and direct prospective employers here. I will totally back you up.

Last month, the bogus word was INDICULT and Peg from Peg-O-Leg’s Ramblings guessed that it meant a person who is crude, indelicate, and difficult to deal with. Her sentence: “Peg knew that if her sister-in-law had more than 1 beer at the reception, she would become indicult and start dropping f-bombs all over the place.”

Yes yes and yes!

Now… before you all jump ship and go check out Peg-O-Leg’s awesome blog (which you should definitely do in like two seconds), I have to tell you something.

Because it is my blogoversary month, this time, I have a copy of Tingo to send to one lucky commenter!

The person who comes closest to using my bogus word in the way I do shall receive the aforementioned book, BUT if no one comes close, I will tell you how I use the word and Random Number Generator will be my best friend. So there is definitely a winner, people!

Continuing alphabetically, this month’s word is:


What the heck is that? Define it. And give me a sentence in which you show me how you would use it.

You know, if it were a real word. 😉

All blogoversary winners will be announced on June 2nd — once I figure everything out. However this winner will be announced on the last Monday in June. Good things come to those who wait. Or something.

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13 thoughts on “What the Deuce Does JINGLEKEET Mean?

    1. Crud. My definition didn’t show.

      Jinglekeet. (n) A caged bird, angry at his toy bell. Most commonly found in the homes of little old men with indiscernible accents.

  1. Jinglekeet (n) a person with a large ring of keys hanging from their belt loop, usually attached with a carabiner or similar device.
    Usage: Steven heard the jinglekeet coming down the hallway and ducked into the boy’s bathroom to avoid being seen.

  2. How delightful – a shout-out from one of my favorite, least indicult bloggy buddies! Trotting off to contact Merriam-Webster online to make sure they get the definition right for their next edition.

  3. I imagine this to be some sort of electronic device that emits a shrill sound to warn of impending danger. ‘The ear shattering cry of the jinglekeet on a foggy night is a welcome warning for sailors approaching the shore line, when there is no lighthouse in sight.’

  4. Jinglekeet (n) the punishment a child (or adult receives) for repeatedly singing a TV theme song or advertising riff.

    William received a jinkglekeet, his fifth of the week, when he broke into the never-ending Sponge Bob song.

  5. jinglekeet : noun : a string of small bells attached to each other by cloth. As I entered a department store a few days before Christmas, the Salvation Army bell-ringers were out in full force, each one moving his/her jinglekeet up and down vigorously to get my attention.

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