The 411 from 585: BIG news from RASJACOBSON, Part I

Remember, the poor, little, red-haired orphan who held onto hope, always believing “the sun would come out…tomorrow?” Yeah, well…I’ve been clinging to Annie’s words for the last few years, and I’m happy to report that I finally, FINALLY seem to be coming out of it.

This week, the sun appears to be seriously shining.

First off, I’m participating in the Mayday! Underground art & craft show at The Village Gate in Rochester this Saturday, April 28 in the Atrium between 10-4PM.

Mother’s Day is coming up, and I want to encourage everyone to support your local small businesses owners.

I’ll have lots of affordable reproductions and original work, too. And there are soooo many talented vendors at this thing.

Can’t make it? You can always make purchases directly from my website at

PS: I’m curious. What kinds of things are your prone to buy at these kinds of festivals? 

Stay tuned for PART II…





7 thoughts on “The 411 from 585: BIG news from RASJACOBSON, Part I

    1. Thank you sooooo much. There is, of course, always “stuff” going on in the background, but it sure feels good to get a little recognition. I’ve been working hard!

    1. Kassandra: Do these things fall into any specific categories…like candles or stationery. I’m always curious about what people are buying. I was thinking about putting some of my work on cutting boards, but hen I was like…do people want cutting boards with artwork on them?

      1. I don’t think i would use a cutting board with artwork, but i would use trivet tiles with artwork for hot dishes, coasters etc. I found some coaster size at a fair last summer, and they made a great Christmas gift!

        1. I have trivet tiles (safe for up to 450 degrees) and coasters. I’m glad to know you like them. I always wonder if people use coasters anymore. I think they’re a great gift, even if people don’t use them all the time.

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