A friend from college contacts me to tell me that my gnome paintings resonate with her. “I want one,” she tells me via Instagram.

I tell her I am flattered – and that there are several incarnations of my “punny” gnomes, each with its own saying.

You know.

Things like:

There’s GNOME place like home.

Make yourself at GNOME.

Take me GNOME, country road.

Oh, give me GNOME where the buffalo roam.

For the Buffalo Bills fan…who also likes gnomes.

The chickens have come GNOME to roost.

Boldly go where GNOME one has gone before.

For the Trekkie…who also likes gnomes.

(I could go on for hours, but you get the idea.)

Anyhoo, we go back and forth for a while – and while I’m waiting for her to respond to me, I sell three of the paintings.

Concerned that she won’t get the one she wants, I decide to send Lizzie a quick text.

‘People are snatching up all my gnomes. Which one do you want?’

I include several photos, including these.


An hour later, I receive a response.

‘You’ve got the wrong person, but those gnomes are cute. How much are they?’

Long story short, my friend got a new phone number last year.

(She forgot to tell me.)

But that wrong number text?

It turned into a sale to a complete stranger down in North Carolina.

How cool is THAT?

So while I doubt texting random wrong numbers will always result in sales, today’s ooooops moment was definitely something that deceased artist, Bob Ross, would have called a ‘happy accident.’

I’m often quick to focus on all the ways it seems the Universe is out to get me, but today I recognize that sometimes my mistakes work out to my benefit. Probably more than I realize.

Soooo what’s going right for you these days?

PS: If you’d like a gnome of your own, original paintings are $40 shipped anywhere in the continental USA.

The gnomes above currently reside in Florida, North Carolina, New York & Pennsylvania.


6 thoughts on “GO HARD or GO GNOME

  1. I love my gnome from Renee. One of my favorite possessions♥️. Beautiful..makes me smile every day!

    1. Look what you started! I’m grateful to you because I’d never thought of painting these little guys before. You might say ‘I had GNOME idea’ how many people would love them!

      Actually, don’t say that.

      Just think it.

  2. I was up late the night you were doing your live painting session of Gnome Sweet Gnome…so glad I got to see you in action, especially after this fab story! I absolutely love how your gnomes connected with a stranger. Keep following that Gnome-ing signal. *wink*

    1. Hi Kathy! I’m was so glad to know that you were watching. These little guys are fun and easy for me not only to paint, but also to teach others to paint, too!

      I had GNOME idea how many people out there were going to like them.

      (((insert eyeroll)))

      Thank you for still checking in with me from time to time. Wanna catch up via telephone at some point? Or Zoom? We should really talk a bit about Survivor!

    1. Hi David! I was JUST thinking about you the other day, as I visited the daffodil park where my very diagonal photograph was taken; you know, the one that became my original avatar at Teachers & Twits.

      And here I am, ten years later.

      And here we are.

      How do I add a LIKE button?

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