First Painting of 2019

My first painting of the year ~ GO YOUR OWN WAY ~ was inspired by an exercise created by Tamara Laporte of Willowing: Lifebook 2019.

As you know, I like to paint whimsical characters of my own imagination – and I’d never tried to paint a unicorn before!

On the top edge of the canvas, I painted the following words:

All the beasts obeyed Noah when he admitted them into the ark.

All but one.

Confident of his abilities the Unicorn said: “I shall swim.”


So many of us are taught to follow the leader.

To go along.

To do what everyone else does.

But unicorns?

Unicorns have to do things their own way.

They go about it quietly and the world appreciates their authenticity, their rareness and their shine!

GO YOUR OWN WAY is a reminder to myself ~ and to all of you ~ to continue to go your own way. 

Be the Unicorn, everyone!🦄




5 thoughts on “GO YOUR OWN WAY

  1. The ark started movin’, it drifted with the tide
    Them unicorns looked up from the rock and they cried
    And the waters came down and sort of floated them away
    And that’s why you’ll never see a unicorn, to this very day

    Sometimes you should follow the crowd! There just may be a reason everyone is going in one direction! 😉

    1. Oh girl, you KNOW that a’int the way I roll. I figure if the waters come down, it’s my time to float away. And guess what? There are plenty of unicorns out there. They’re just hiding because the world isn’t safe enough for them to make themselves known just yet.

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