The 411 from 585: BIGGER news from RASJACOBSON, Part 2

Yesterday I told you some BIG news.

Today, I’d like to share some even BIGGER news.

I was recently featured in a beautiful photo essay created by local photographer, Jess Kamens. Jess and I met at an art festival this winter, where we immediately enjoyed an easy connection. I hope you’ll CLICK HERE to see the amazing job she did documenting my creative process.

There are over 30 photographs in which Jess capture photos of “little vignettes” that I didn’t even know existed.

(My fave photo taken by Jess Kamens Photography –

If you’re looking for a photographer to do something different for your upcoming event – of it you’re a business owner who’d like to be featured in her blog (like I was), check in with Jess at If she could do this for me, just imagine what she could do for you.



4 thoughts on “The 411 from 585: BIGGER news from RASJACOBSON, Part 2

    1. You KNOW how I feel about you. You were a pleasure to work with: super intuitive and creative. I hope you get a lot of exposure from my blog – and that maybe some business comes your way from our joint venture. Hope to see you this weekend. 🙂

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