Painting More Strangers: Update On My Progress

As you know, I’ve been drawing/painting strangers in an effort to improve my emerging sketching skills.

Seems that no matter what I do, I gravitate towards a whimsical palette.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I’m learning that I have a style as an artist, just as I have a style as a writer.


I sketched “Helene” at my local Barnes & Noble, and while she was flattered to have sat as my subject, she refused to be photographed.

At first I was disappointed. After all, I’d hoped to include real life photos along with my sketches.

But then I realized that Helene gave me a gift.

By not including her real-life photograph, I am able to appreciate that  – somehow – I managed to capture the essence of Helene.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours or roughly 10 years, to become a genius at something.

Not bad for 80 hours in.

How have you challenged yourself lately?

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5 thoughts on “Painting More Strangers: Update On My Progress

  1. Loving the quirky. 🙂

    How have I challenged myself? I know you’re probably looking for a serious response but I don’t think I can. Because the first thing that came to mind is…I’m not shaving my legs until the house sells and I can move to the other side of the country. Away from the ex.

    Not sure how the not shaving will last. So I keep telling myself how much I’m saving on razor blades. *counts the pennies in her purse*

  2. Love this and love you are challenging yourself. Challenging yourself to get out, challenging yourself to do new things, challenging yourself to test the waters and approach people.

    You see, it gets better every single day. Truly.

    Want to sketch people? Why not ask your readers for snapshots and post the results. That would be fun.

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