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Playing with Texture: Wordless Wednesday

I’m crazy about texturizing medium, a paste used to add surface texture to a canvas. Stiffer than paint straight from a tube, I love to scoop out blobs of paste with a palette knife and mix in a few drops of paint. Once dry, texturizing paste doesn’t drip or droop. I like to create peaks and grooves with a palette knife, and you can also make press patterns into it, or use it as glue to add collage items.


Blobs of paint featuring texturizing medium.
Blobs of paint featuring texturizing medium.

I used texturizing paste is this part of my painting, Can you guess what these are?

What have you been experimenting with lately?

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8 thoughts on “Playing with Texture: Wordless Wednesday

  1. Love the texture, and the colors you’ve picked. My guess is that we’re looking at flowers – or possibly a handful of Skittles without my glasses. Love seeing your work.

  2. Does that non-drooping paste work on the body!? Does it come in an industrial-strength!? 😉

    What am I experimenting with lately? Hmm, I guess it COULD be consider “experimenting for art.” 😈

  3. My experimentation involves color, texture and pattern. I love to crochet and have wanted for sometime to crochet a log cabin pattern afghan. Of course, the pattern that I had saved for two or three years could not be found. I generally play with yarn until it tells me what it wants to be when it grows up. So I played with the yarn, crocheting rectangles until a log cabin pattern appeared. While it’s very colorful–which I did want, I have gotten bored with the stitch. It’s the colors that keep me motivated. One more color to add, and I can think about finishing it off. Of course to keep it balanced, I’ll need two more colors–pink and what else??

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