Sketching Project: Chad

This is Chad, a student at Monroe Community College.


A devoted husband and father, Chad’s back in school after a long absence.

He was kind enough to let me sketch him not once, but twice.

Because the first time, I royally screwed up his head.

And his ear.

And basically everything.


After sketching Chad for the second time, a friend informed me that I’ve been using the wrong paper.


“You have to use watercolor paper,” she told me. “Otherwise, it bubbles up.”

Who knew?

So I bought a new pad of paper, and guess what?

The right paper really makes a big difference.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was.

Having the right equipment is important.

I mean, I wouldn’t wear a bikini to go snowmobiling.

I wouldn’t wear stilettos to track practice.

And I definitely wouldn’t buy a volleyball and give it to my son to use at soccer practice.

(except that i totally did that one time. poor kid. soooooo embarrassing.)

The point is that I’m learning something new every day.

Sometimes, it’s about confronting a fear, trying a new activity, having a difficult conversation.

But sometimes? It’s all about the watercolor paper.

What tiny little thing did you learn today?

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11 thoughts on “Sketching Project: Chad

    1. I know. And it’s a huge lesson. I’m still feeling too she’ll-shocked to even consider entering into a relationship, but I’m hopeful that it could happen someday. Maybe. For now, I practice love with my son❤️????????????????????.

  1. (I had to wait until yesterday ended to see what I learned)

    I learned TWO little things (and maybe more when I wasn’t paying attention). Both were taught to me by kids.

    1. You can do a word count in Google Docs on an iPad. This, from one of my students. If you knew how convoluted our earlier solution was to this problem, you’d be high fiving with us!

    2. I can pick up a puck on the end of a hockey stick. That, from my twelve year-old boy.

  2. I like the words” second chance”. I saw Carl , the art teacher from JD High School. He sends best regards.

  3. Today I learned or rather re-learned to slow down and smell the roses, one rose at a time. Renee, I love your comeback….we are constantly getting better in some way or another – sometimes it’s as an artist, other times we are simply healing and growing. Sometimes or getting better is a crawl and other it’s at the speed of light in a vacuum. Keep moving, keep drawing, keep posting, smell the roses.

    1. Thanks Clay. It’s always so wonderful to find you are still out there. This healing and growing stuff? Is it always so stinking uncomfortable? One of the things I’m really struggling right now is making a plan to relax. I feel so afraid about my finances, and this is causing me to work continuously. I need to plan a vacation, but I’m having a hard time doing it. My ex always handled all those things, and I’m finding I literally don’t have the skills to make travel plans. Not only that, but I really don’t have anyone to travel with – and I’m pretty sure that I won’t enjoy traveling alone. I’m already alone so much of the time. I’m trying to believe the roses are coming so that I can eventually smell them.

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